Importance Of Website Design with SEO

Website designing is all about the customer experience. It consists of the look of the page, ease of navigating, the relevance of content, visual images, and graphics, etc. In a nutshell, website design is all about creating a positive impact on the minds of the people frequenting the site. Since the web page cannot be custom made for all prospects, it should be mesmerizing enough to tickle the curiosity of all. To this end, all website designers need to do their complete groundwork for the successful completion of the job at hand.

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Prerequisites Of Good Website Design

Designing a website or a web page is not very complicated but, neither is it too simple. Only those web designers can make a name for themselves who do an outstanding job. This exceptional good work comes from doing proper research and applying it in theory while doing the actual designing. Certain prerequisites need to be fulfilled before jumping into the design phase of the work.

  • Understand The Brand – you need to understand the brand regarding its motto, what it stands for, how it plans to change the lives of people, give back to the community, etc. Once you successfully scrutinize the brand, you will clearly know its strengths that can be played upon to create a professional image.
  • Know The Product – if you are not aware of the product or service that you will be marketing through the web page, you will fail to do justification to the same. Any failure or incomplete knowledge about the product will also reflect on the website. When such happens, there is no way that you can design a good internet site. For a high-quality website design thorough understanding of the product or service is a must.
  • Client Requirements – the client, will also have certain expectations of the site. Know what the client wants from the site, if there is anything in particular that they would like to emphasize upon or some part of the information that they want to display dominantly etc. All such requirements from the client end need to be kept in mind and in case you do not agree with some part of it then, rationalize with the customer towards mutual understanding.
  • Pay Attention To Details – it is the small details that mostly get ignored. Keep a tab on all little details that need to be published on the website. These include things like trademark and copyright information, annotations, bylines, contact information, the date when the site was last updated, etc.
  • Content Always Priority – content in conjunction with keywords is a priority. The web content should be in accord with the product or service offered. It should be relevant and written correctly. If the content is not your original work, then ensure that no copyright rules have broken, and all permissions are in place.

Website Requirements Document Template

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